January 4, 2016

It is Okay to start with Small Dreams

In our world today, there is a lot of emphasis on ‘dreaming big’ as a way of encouraging people to work harder towards reaching their potentials. However, this emphasis is sometimes a source of discouragement when it feels like we are not measuring up to expectations. Since little drops of water make the mighty ocean, it is also okay to start from having small dreams. For example, as an unemployed fresh graduate, it is okay to first dream of getting a job in a small organization rather than dream of working in the biggest company in the world. When things get better, you can then revise your expectations. This will prevent you from putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, whilst not forgetting to gather the experience needed to move up the ladder. 

But remember, it is better to have small dreams than not to dream at all! 

So… let us go forward in 2016 with anticipation and preparedness that will help us embrace opportunities. We should also give room for setbacks, which should not dissuade us but rather serve as a sign to reflect on the journey.

I have a gut feeling that 2016 is going to be a defining year in so many ways…a year real development in Nigeria can happen if our leaders put their minds, energy and limited resources to it…a year Arsenal can win the English Premier League if they play well consistently for the rest of the season (Yes yes…other clubs should not hate:)). 

I wish you all the best this year.


I have a book titled ‘What to do when it’s your Turn’ by Seth Godin, which I want to give out at no cost. You can send me an email if you are interested.


  1. Please I want the book. Thanks babe and nice write up :) UVU

  2. Seth Godin is a great author but I don't want to hassle you to send it to as far as the Philippines. :)

    You're right. Anything big starts small so small dreams are still valid and powerful dreams.


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