March 18, 2015

The World needs more Action!

With all the drama happening around the world today; the Russia-Ukraine crisis, ISIS, Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, currency turmoil in emerging economies, etc.... one would likely wonder, what more action does she want? The action I want relates to response to crisis. Many people have offered advice on how the different global crisis can be resolved so I won’t repeat them. What I’m concerned about is how we respond to the crises that occur in our individual lives.

I recently heard a story about a child who had been seriously ill for more than a month, yet his parents delayed taking him to the hospital. The boy’s parents claimed that taking him to the hospital would be expensive, which they would not be able to afford. They preferred to pray for him whilst borrowing money to pay for his school fees. This made me angry. Please explain to me, how can a sick child attend school? Where is the rationale behind that decision? Why did the boy’s parents not borrow money to take him to the hospital? What if the boy died? I thought about the Chibok parents that have not seen their children since April 2014. They have theirs with them but are too lazy to do whatever it takes to keep him. I just can’t understand it. Thankfully, the boy has finally been sent to the hospital after the intervention of some friends of his parents. Sometimes, money is not the problem. It is our attitude and mentality that is the problem.

I think we need to do more in responding to crisis. By all means, pray but remember God didn’t create professionals just for the sake of it! Seek their help immediately the need arises. If it’s about the money, why not find out how much it costs to resolve your problem instead of assuming it would be expensive? After finding out how expensive it is, you can then strategize on how to raise the funds.

When responding to crisis, ask yourself if you have really done everything you possibly could to resolve it. Most times, the answer is NO. The past two weeks in Nigeria have shown that Jonathan could have done more long ago in responding to the Boko Haram crisis. Now it seems too late for him to win back the people’s confidence. Please, don’t let it become too late for you. 

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