May 29, 2017

Let It Be (Ko-di-li)

One of my favourite quotes i learnt from Secondary School is “Sitting still and wishing makes nobody great. The good Lord sends the fishing but you must dig the bait”. In other words, ‘action’ is key. 

It is this view that makes me restless and consumed with worry when i think i’m in a situation that doesn’t make sense or appears to be stifling. I remember one of my previous work experiences, many times i felt i was doing work that didn’t make sense and i couldn’t wait to leave. It later dawned on me after i began to settle into a new job that all i did in the past was useful. Some were useful for the new job..others for my personal growth. I find myself interested in political news, recognising names in the financial industry, able to contribute to supposed complex discussions, etc.

In view of this, i think we sometimes just need to ‘let things be’. In my Igbo dialect, we’ll say ‘Ko-di-li’. Given my restless nature, it’s ironic that is my name (though mine is ‘Kodilichukwu’ meaning: let it be to God) . Anyway, what I’ve learnt is that it will all make sense at the appropriate time. I hope this view stands the test of time. Lol.

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